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Our Services

The different types of services that are offered to clients include:-

General Town Planning Advice

Advice to individual or professional clients on any town planning matters or issues that they may encounter when making applications to municipalities, understanding their rights and duties.

Rezoning Applications

Preparation and submission of rezoning applications to municipalities for approval.

Consent Applications

Preparation and submission of special and other consent applications to municipalities for approval.

Township Layouts

Preparation of township layout plans for larger areas of land comprising the individual erven (lots), roads, public open spaces, etc. and submission thereof to municipalities for approval.

Subdivisional Layouts

Preparation of minor subdivisional layouts on existing properties and submission to municipalities for approval.

Environmental Integration

Legislation such as as the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) and its regulations have impacted considerably on the prior planning field. This often leads to confusion in the various application processes which are required to be followed in seeking an approval for development. The National Water Act and its regulations has in recent time further added to this with restraints on development either in water courses or within 500 metres of same.

Feasibility Studies

Conduction of preliminary feasibility of proposed development with a view to determining potential yield and layout form.


Advice and/or preparation of objection memoranda to rezoning and special consent applications submitted to municipalities.


Advice and/or preparation of appeal and appeal response memoranda to be submitted to the planning and development appeal bodies.

House Plan Concepts

Rapid initial house plan concept preparation undertaken for a particular site. Both PDF and DXF files may be prepared, which could include plans, elevations and both interior and external 3D.

Planning Guide Books